Vendoo, a popular multi-platform reselling tool, has recently announced the launch of two new features that are set to revolutionize the way resellers operate. These new features include the Photoroom Background Remover and the Auto Sale Detection and Delisting.

The Photoroom Background Remover is a game-changing tool that will save resellers time and money when creating product listings. This new feature can remove the background from any photo, leaving only the product visible. The tool allows resellers to take clean and professional-looking product photos without having to spend money on expensive photography equipment. This way, resellers can easily draw in potential buyers with the high-quality images made possible by the Background Remover.

The second new feature, the Auto Sale Detection and Delisting, will make reselling even more manageable for its users. This feature will allow resellers to set up specific criteria, such as sales price, shipping time, and even item condition, so that when an item sells, it will automatically be delisted from all reselling platforms within Vendoo’s scope. This way, the reseller will no longer have to manually sift through listings to remove sold items, increasing the efficiency of their reselling process.

These features demonstrate Vendoo’s commitment to constantly improving its tools to meet the needs of its users. The Photoroom Background Remover and the Auto Sale Detection and Delisting are sure to make reselling more accessible and efficient for those who use Vendoo.

In conclusion, Vendoo’s two new features-Photoroom Background Remover and Auto Sale Detection and Delisting-are set to revolutionize the way that resellers operate. With these new tools, resellers can create professional-looking product photos and automate their delisting process, making their reselling businesses even more manageable. Vendoo continues to improve its platform to meet the needs of its users, highlighting their commitment to help resellers succeed.

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