Since my last post fees on eBay promoted listing has changed. There has been one change that has already been implemented and another to take effect July 11th, 2022. Previously promoted listing fees would be based off the sale price which is now NOT the case. Now your promoted listing fee will be calculated off the ENTIRE price of the item, shipping included. If your listings are offered with ‘free shipping’ then this will not affect you but if you charge shipping, like I do, it will. Measures should be put in place to keep your business profitable. Personally I have made some pricing adjustments to compensate for the hikes but mainly only to international sales.

Starting July 11th 2022 the minimum promoted listings fee for standard option will increase from 1% to 2%. Not a huge difference in the amount. However, now the 2% group will be doubled, increasing the amount of listings at that rate will in turn increase the number of listings promoted at the new 2% minimum. Again the amount your choose to advertise your listings at will vary from seller to seller and only each knows whats best, but knowing and making these adjustments is what will keep you ahead of the game.

These are the two changes, be aware and adjust accordingly.

Good Luck and Happy Selling!

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