Certain techniques can be utilized in order to get better deals on items eBay. Keep this list handy whenever you are shopping on eBay. I like to keep things brief and to the point, after all we have shopping to do 🙂 Enjoy.

1. Using sites such as typohound, fatfingers or misspelledauctions can be useful for targeting misspelled listings, which happens often to sellers who rush (I’m guilty of this). These listings generally do not get alot of views therefore may sell for less.

2. If you want the best price you have to price shop. I like to compare Amazon to eBay, but it depends on what you’re searching for. If it’s a clothing item I’ll price compare to Poshmark or Mercari. A general Google search is also a must.

3. Often times buyers don’t think about the sellers location, i.e. buying from people closer to you saves on shipping, as long as the item doesn’t qualify for free shipping of course. And you’ll get it faster!

4. A huge money saver is auction ending times. Do you think more people are likely to bid at 3pm or 3am? eBay allows you to set notification on auctions also so you don’t miss out, incase you’re sleeping that is.  

5. Some sellers allow “best offers” Use it! Negotiate and if it doesn’t work out, at least you tried.  

6. Sort your search by “ending soonest” and use the sniper bid technique. Basically just wait until there is a low amount of time left on the listing like 40 seconds or so then place your highest bid. The item may not reach the amount but it secures your win and if it goes over then you didn’t want to spend that much anyways. Example: bidding at $15 with several bidders within last seconds place your highest bid, $40, if the bidding reaches $30 that is what you pay not the $40 max. Make sense? I hope so, if not feel free to contact me.

7. Nowadays sellers have the ability to send offers to potential buyers. Keep an eye out for those offers!!

8. Shop sellers who have coupon codes listed on their store.

9. Buy from sellers who will combine shipping. Not all do but when you can save on shipping why not, right?!

I hope you found these tips useful! Leave me a comment, let me know your strategies. Thank you for reading 🙂

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