Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays but with the recent birth of my son 2019 Halloween costumes have taken a back seat. I purchased my daughters costume at Party City, not my ideal situation but given the circumstances, it will have to do & she is happy with it so thats all that matters, right? As for myself, spouse & 2 week old we will probably not be participating this year. Actually the little one does have a pumpkin onesie, that counts right?? I’m going with yes 🙂

So did you purchase or DIY? and what will you be? With so many popular options I’m sure its hard to choose. I hear Toy Story is a top choice this year among the little ones along with princesses (as usual), unicorns, dinosaurs & mermaids  and clowns are popular among the adults due to IT. along with Stranger Things characters & witches, so not much has changed here.


Truck or treats are popular here in San Diego, since the weather is so nice I will more than likely do this & call it a night, skipping the parties & the lime light. I’m starting to feel so old but kids will drain the life out of you, they say lol. I never thought, but maybe it’s because I have a newborn & all my energy will magically come back soon, hopeful but not holding my breath… whatever you decide to do, be safe, happy & healthy! Thanks for reading.

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